Using SoundingBox to Measure Emotional Resonance

April 14th, 2017

  Diana Sapanaro

The Challenge

Understanding how people feel about their digital experiences is difficult because our relationship with technology isn’t always rational. And there aren’t any UX tools or methods available. SoundingBox and our REVERB framework was designed to address these challenges.

The Method

In 2016, we continued to use our SoundingBox platform to track trends across financial service sites. We collected the experiences of over 3,000 people on 99 sites across a variety of business lines, including credit cards, investing, mortgage, and small business.

Key Takeaway

One thing we noticed was that emotions matter. People felt more likely to act, recommend, or return to sites that resonated emotionally.

[The site I just used makes me feel...] appreciated. The website had lots of resources for small business owners. It feels like they are looking out for the little guy.
F, Gen X, Striver, Pragmatist, Follower

Among the sites we studied, Capital One’s Small Business site was a top performer for small business sites. The site resonated emotionally through a straightforward presentation of products, compelling educational content, and a down-to-earth tone.

Capital One's Small Business Site
Participants felt the landing page of the site had a down-to-earth tone.
Capital One Small Business 2016

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