Built for fast insights and easy iteration.

Find your fans.

We get your site or app prototype into the hands of test participants matching any profile. Give them things to try and ask them questions about their experience. Our apps record everything so you can replay what they did and said.

Tune into the dashboard.

As soon as your responses arrive you can begin exploring them in our dashboard. Clicking on a tile sorts the responses by who had the best or worst experience to help you get to insights fast.

Try It!

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Tap to play.

Our smart tiles are the core of our dashboard. They help interpret your results in various ways.

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Mix it up!

Comparison is like a mixer for all of the things you've measured. Each bubble is a site or prototype. At a glance you can see how they compare. If you load more than one study together, comparison shows them side-by-side.

Yes, you can filter on that.

Want to see how that task performed now that you've retested it? Want to know how millennials responded? Filters are global, making cross-test comparisons super easy and meaningful.

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Play from our music or write your own.

Improvise your own studies based on our templates or start from scratch. We're excited to see what you build!

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Jam together.

There's no cost for adding people your account, and no limit to the number of accounts you can create. Invite your agency or contractor with just one click.

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Let's do this.

Explore sample data, create your first study, and record test responses. You'll only get charged when you send your first study to participants.

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