Built for fast insights and easy iteration.


It starts and ends with people.

Ordinary user testing makes it too hard and expensive to find participants. With SoundingBox, check off a few boxes to describe who you're looking for and we take care of the rest.

Image of demographic options


Transparent pricing that makes deep listening possible.

With SoundingBox you can run a user test for as little as $5 per person, making large-scale tests and frequent iteration entirely doable.

Illustration of pricing


Include as many sites, prototypes or app prototypes as you like.

Our low per-response costs make it possible to combine multiple prototype versions or competitors into a single study. Have Axure or InVision prototypes? No problem! Just publish them and drop the URL into our form.

Illustration of how to add sites or prototypes to studies


Play from our music or write your own.

Use our templates for testing usability, look-and-feel, branding, content quality and more. Improvise your own studies based on our templates or start from scratch. We're excited to see what you build!

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Tune into the dashboard.

As soon as your responses arrive you can begin exploring them in our dashboard. The Summary view contains a collection of smart tiles which organizes your results.

Try It!

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Tap to play.

Our tiles are your first stop on your quick journey to getting meaning out of your test results.

Image of a smart tile with a popover

Clicking on a tile toggles the sort on who had the best or worst experience so you can watch those sessions first, and—if you chose to do a "think aloud" study—listen to what they had to say.

Animation of dashboard playback

Our smart tiles also provide some help with interpreting how the test went.

Image of a smart tile shoing data interpretation


Mix it up!

Comparison is like a mixer for all of the things you've measured. Each bubble is a site or prototype. At a glance you can see how they compare. If you load more than one study together, Comparison shows them side-by-side.


Geek out.

Ever wonder what aspects of an experience are most strongly correlated with other aspects? Find out where your focus should be with our Relationships view.

Illustration of the Relationships view


Yes, you can filter on that.

Want to see how that task performed now that you've retested it? No problem! Just filter on it. Want to know how Millennials responded? We got that! Filters are global, making cross-test comparisons super easy and meaningful.

Screenshot of the filters dialog


Jam together.

There's no limit to who you can invite to your account, and no limit to the number of accounts you can create. If you're an agency you might consider one account per client to keep their studies confidential. If you're an enterprise you can invite your agency, contractors—even your boss(!)—with just one click.

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