# Testing Invision Prototypes

SoundingBox makes testing Invision prototypes a snap.

You've worked hard to create your designs and now it's time to put them in front of the people that really matter: the people that are going to use it. That's where we come in. We support all of the prototyping platforms. Invision is the go-to for many design teams for good reason: it understands your workflows. One of those is getting feedback on your designs.

When you're ready to see how real people experience what you've made you want to take advantage of Invision's share link. The share link is how you do just that: share your designs with others—in this case SoundingBox's extensive pool of people who are available to give you feedback on what you've made.

To grab your Invision share link, login to the web version of Invision and click on the artboard you want to share. In this case sharing means you're going to make it part of your SoundingBox test. Once you click on your artboard you'll notice a share button in the lower right. Click on that, and then on the Public tab. Finally copy the public link. Put this somewhere or keep it on your clipboard.

Your share link is going to part of what we call a task in SoundingBox. Tasks are the thing that you want to get feedback on. They are the activity that people are going to try. What are people going to try? They're going to try your prototype that you're making available through your Invision share link!

Going public
The Invision public sharing link is what you add to a Task in your SoundingBox study.

Once you have your share link, you need to plug it into SoundingBox. Here are the steps.

  1. Create a SoundingBox account if you haven't already.
  2. Click on create study.
  3. Set up your study type, your screening and other parameters.
  4. Once you get to the Study portion, add a Task. Click on the Task.
  5. Add your share link to the Task.
  6. Once your study is all done, initialize it. This will enable it for data collection and preview.

That's it! You've just set up your study to get feedback on your Invision prototype. Your next step is to click Request Launch on Manage and Launch to get data collection started. We'll let you know when responses come in so you can start learning about what people thought.