# Study Planning

Before you start, there are a few basics to cover including what you can test, how much it will cost, and how long it will take.

# What can I test?

SoundingBox is built for agile teams who want to run lightweight, low-cost, frequent user tests of various flavors. There are three types of things you can test.

  • Live websites (including competitors)
  • Website prototypes built in any prototyping platform (Invision, Axure, etc.)
  • App prototypes (prototypes of apps for iOS or Android built also using any prototyping platform)

# What types of test can I run?

On your prototypes and sites you can run various types of tests, each of which we cover elsewhere in the docs.

We also allow you to do somewhat more advanced items like Balanced Comparisons and Journeys.

# Estimating your cost

Our pricing is very straightforward. You pay for two things.

  • A monthly subscription that covers data storage and support
  • A per-participant charge that is provided when you create your study

The per-participant charge is computed in the following way:

  • $5 per screening question that you ask if you choose to screen
  • $5 per task you ask particicpants to do
  • An additional $5 if you choose to do a think-aloud study

The basic idea in our pricing model is that studies which require less targeting and work should cost less than studies with more targeting and more work.

# How long should your study be and how long will it take?

Sometimes teams try to put as much stuff as they can think of in a single study. Don't do it! Technically we allow up to 10 tasks in a study, but that doesn't mean you should take advantage of this. Most studies benefit from brevity and a constrained focus. The more narrowly you define your research goal, the more quickly your research will complete. You will answer your research question, and you can move on to the next project, usually in a matter of hours or days for larger studies.