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  • Participant video and audio
  • Test any website on desktop or touch devices
  • Test any app prototype on iOS or Android
  • Up to 30 studies at once
  • Unlimited responses per study
  • Unlimited storage
  • Invite unlimited team members
  • Advanced templates
  • Use our massive panel or bring your own
  • Participant responses start at $5


per month, billed annually

$199 billed monthly

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Pricing FAQ

The monthly subscription covers data storage and support.
We want you to be successful, whether you're an expert or just starting out. We will answer any question you have, if you need help designing your study or just want clarification about a feature. You can talk to us anytime.
A participant is the a person who takes part in your study, performing your tasks and answering your questions.
Pay for what you use. Studies that require less targeting and work should cost less than studies with more targeting and more work.
For Pro costs are made up of two parts: the monthly subscription fee and the cost per participant. Your actual monthly cost is based on how many studies you run.
A study is a collection of tasks and questions. Study participants do the task activities, and answer the questions you provide. Studies can have as few as five participants or more than a thousand. To learn more visit plan your study.
The base cost for a participant is $5. This is for one task, with no options. Adding options adds costs. If you bring your own participants, the participant cost is 0.
Studies can cost from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. But most studies have 10, 20 or 30 participants and cost between $300-$600, depending on options.
Study options include the number of tasks, the number of screening questions, and whether you would like participants to share their thoughts out loud as they work.
Tasks are activities that you ask people to try, like finding a sweater on an e-commerce site. Our platform captures what people do as a video, which can include them voicing their thoughts.
Each task in your study costs $5 per participant. So a study with 3 tasks will have a task cost of $15 per participant. Much of this cost goes to the participant. Studies asking people to do more work cost more because they take more of the participant's time.
When creating your study, you add screening questions which people must answer correctly to qualify to participate. You can ask any screening question you like. See screening participants to learn more.
The number of screening questions you ask affects your participant cost. Each screening question adds $5 per participant. This means that the more granular your targeting, the more it costs.
An account is your container for studies. You can save up to 30 studies at a time in one account, with Pro. And you can have as many accounts as you need associated with your user id.
If you choose to use our participants, the participant compensation is part of the study options outlined above. If you use your own participants, you are responsible for paying them.
$0. If you choose to source your own participants for a study, there is no cost for that study.
Yes. You can create as many as you like. Sign up and create sample study from one of our templates to see how costs are calculated. There's no credit card required and no limit to the trial. We'll only ask for payment when you're ready to launch your first study.
Some enterprises have long procurement processes and only work on an annual basis. We accommodate this by offering annual contracts with unlimited test plans so you don't have worry about getting approval more than once a year. Of course there is nothing preventing enterprises from subscribing on the Pro level too.
No. You can invite whomever you want to your account, either to be a co-admin or a data-only viewer.