Managing a Study

How do I launch a study?

Launching a study releases it to participants. Once your study is looking the way you want it, click on Manage & Launch and then on the Launch button. You'll be taken through a brief checkout process. From there, your study will be submitted for review by our team and launched on approval.

Launching a study
Launching is how your study gets out into the world.
SoundingBox Launch

What is the best way to monitor responses?

When you log in to your dashboard, you can see the response count in the Study Selector. To update your data, press the refresh button.

The response count
Tracking your studies is easy through the Study Selector.
SoundingBox Response Count

To monitor the responses at an individual level, navigate to the Grid tab in Analyze. Responses will sort on the most recent or select Timestamp to sort oldest to newest.

Sorting repsonses
The grid view makes it easy to sort responses by any column, including timestamp.
SoundingBox TimeStamp

How do I invalidate a response?

You can invalidate an individual response in the playback view. Responses that have been invalidated are still visible in the grid view as well as in playback, but are excluded from the study summary data. Only account administrators can see invalid responses.

Invaliding responses
SoundingBox Invalidate Button

When and how do I close a study?

Once your target number of responses is reached, the study will automatically stop collecting data.