IKEA Case Study

January 8th, 2018

How the world’s largest home retailer used SoundingBox to truly explore ideas.

What many people don’t know about IKEA, the largest retailer of furniture in the world, is that in addition to being a great business, IKEA wants to make the world better through good, sustainable design. In 2017, we were exited to learn that IKEA would use SoundingBox to dive deep into how customers would experience a prototype version of the high traffic Ideas section of its familiar global website.

Like any successful company, IKEA is highly numbers-driven. Taking advantage of SoundingBox's flexible study design and metrics platform, we worked with IKEA’s global marketing group to define a custom and proprietary study that would align with IKEA's core KPIs, including sustainability and improving people’s lives at home.

Using this highly customized approach we were able to discover a whole range of things about the new Ideas section that helped refine its design, including how to position video posts, how best to link products from within posts, and how to refine post tags to facilitate exploration. Along the way we were able to establish a series of KPI-aligned metrics that will allow IKEA to assess and track the progress of any future changes to's Ideas section when they happen.