First Steps

What can I learn?

Use our REVERB framework to measure the strengths and weaknesses of your site and others across 6 dimesions: relevance, ease, value, engagement, relationship, and bond. Use standard templates and measures, like SUS, or craft your own study design to measure what’s important to you and your organization. Let us help along the way or handle it for you. Use SoundingBox in tandem with other methods and tools to understand people’s experiences holistically.

  • Track key metrics and KPIs over time
  • Understand people’s impressions and expectations
  • Get a quick read on usability and engagement
  • Detect areas where people get stuck, and what patterns ensure success
  • Discover what design patterns impact happiness
  • Uncover what makes an experience feel relevant
  • See where your site falls short by comparing against competitors and other sites

What can I test?

Use SoundingBox’s platform to conduct unmoderated remote user tests on anything that has a URL, and at any stage of development.

  • Desktop websites
  • Mobile websites
  • Competitors' websites or any site you would like to compare
  • Wireframes, prototypes or staging sites
  • Landing pages
  • Your Facebook page
  • Longitudinal tests
  • Reactions to photos
  • Searching Google for your site or your competitors'
  • Use our custom services to test mobile apps, IoT devices, and wearables
  • Get in touch if you’re interested in testing password protected sites

How does it work?

There’s no coding required to get started. Collect quantitative and qualitative data.

  1. Create an account. Invite team members.
  2. Create a study using a framework template, or roll your own.
  3. Add up to 20 sites or prototypes to the study.
  4. Chose participants from our panel based on more than 100 demographic targets.
  5. Allow participants to explore the site on their own, or give them a specific task to try out.
  6. Within minutes our app begins collecting the data.
  7. The app ensures the same demographic mix of participants visit each site in the study.

Once data collection is complete our dashboard allows you to:

  • Analyze and compare behavioral measures, like the number of clicks, page views, and time-on-task.
  • Sort on who had the worst experience and replay their sessions to discover why.
  • Sort on who had the best experience and replay their sessions on each site to discover why.
  • Uncover the reasons behind good and bad experiences by analyzing open-ended comments.

Retest with ease to determine the impact of changes and track performance over time.