Everything you need to make iterative UX testing part of your busy team's workflow.

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Simple transparent pricing

One low monthly fee gives your whole team full access to the platform with unlimited expert support.

Low, flexible tester costs

Pay as little as $5 per test for larger samples only when you need them. Only pay more for targeting or studies with multiple tasks.

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Bring your own testers

Your testers are always free, without limits.

Massive participant panel

Built-in access to a panel millions strong in any country you need.

Screen on anything

Always know you’re getting the right participants for your profile with complete control over your screening criteria.

Test anything

All prototyping platforms supported, including InVision, Axure, Sketch, and XD. Test any live site or app prototype on desktop, iOS and Android devices.

Easy study authoring

Have full control over any task or question you define, including intros and outros.

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Expert-designed templates

Always know you’re doing the right research in the right way to answer any question you have.


You're busy. Relax and work on your next idea while your studies run in the background. Get notified of results in hours.

Qual and quant combined

Use data to see at a glance how a test went and jump to who had the most trouble first. Compare results over time.

Split tests

Compete multiple versions of a prototype in the same test to see which one moves the needle.

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Decide the exact demographic mix of participants in each of your split test groups with our powerful quota system.

Beautiful participant apps

Participants love our minimalist apps that let them easily focus on the tasks you define.

Rich data-linked replays

Measure and replay all interaction events, including touches on any device.

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Powerful sorting and filtering

Filter on any demographic. Filter on similar tasks across multiple studies to compare iterations.

Strong iteration support

Clone any study or save as a template. Load any two or more studies to compare side-by-side with the Mixer.

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Unlimited team members

Don’t worry about all the licenses you’ll need. Get unlimited collaborator seats all for one low monthly fee.

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Unlimited trial

Create unlimited studies, invite your colleagues, preview the participant experience, all for free and without a time limit. No credit card required.