eHealth Case Study

December 31st, 2017

How SoundingBox helped eHealth get seniors better Medicare coverage.

eHealth is a leader in online health insurance marketplaces, and also leads the way in making it easier for seniors to shop for Medicare prescription benefits online. Despite health insurance being a hot topic in the US, there has been little research to compare the performance of the or comparable private sector web sites built with the goal of helping to guide seniors through this process.

Other research had shown that it was highly likely that many seniors weren’t getting the best deal they could on their prescription drugs simply because the process of shopping for coverage is too cumbersome. eHealth tapped SoundingBox to study the ways that leading online health insurance marketplaces currently tackle the problem. The goal: figure out how to make seniors' lives easier.

Using SoundingBox, we created a study that asked seniors to use six sites, including two eHealth sites to do two things: find out when the enrollment period ends, and find a prescription drug plan that met their needs. All participants were given the same zip code, personal and doctor details to use, which would produce meaningful results in order to level the playing field.

Using the SoundingBox dashboard, we were able to see immediately which sites performed best overall. Replaying the responses to get at the "why" behind the dashboard smart tiles, we could easily see that the best sites, which included the eHealth sites, provided clear, stepped processes with contextual help to help seniors find a plan that met their needs. The poorest performing sites made it hard to get started and participants frequently got off track. All of the sites made it harder than it needs to be to find simple information about enrollment periods.

We loved working with the eHealth team on a project that impacts the lives of seniors. Everyone deserves a great experience online, but no one more than those who have given so much to all of us.