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# Docs

SoundingBox makes it possible to research and test whatever you're building, no matter where you are in your process.

# Guides

Start with our guides on core topics, like UX design, UX strategy, and and user testing.

# How-tos

Get the steps for for planning your project, collecting your data, and analyzing your results with our how-tos.

# Features

Go deeper and explore a few of SoundingBox's key features.

  • Templates help you jump start your research project.
  • Teams are how you research together.
  • Studies are the containers for your research project.
  • Screening questions ensure that the right people respond to your study.
  • Split tests allow you to compare versions of a prototype and perform competitive tests.
  • Data blocks make it easy to explore your results.
  • Replays show exactly what people did and provide a window into their thought process as they work.
  • Our great support for iteration helps you refine your designs over time.