UX problems? Solved.

Fix your UX problems the easy way, with Developer-in-a-Box—at scale.

Just add water icon

Just Add Water

Grows naturally, and is fully operational in minutes. Just place the little developer-shaped concentrate in an open cubby, sprinkle with yesterday's LeCroix and voila!

Communication skills icon

Excellent Communication Skills

"Works on my machine"—not in Developer-in-a-Box's hashtable. When bugfixing, Developer-in-a-Box never gets snippy, or worse.

What's that sound? That'd be the siloes completely breaking down, because Developer-in-a-Box.

Washing machine icon

Low Maintenance

Soylent and Evol shredded beef freezer burritos are what make Developer-in-a-Box happy. A happy little debugging machine!

(Also, you won't be forced laugh because he won't explain his tee shirt's "funny" binary thingy, ever.)

Loop icon

24/7 And Always On

Tired of your developers taking "me time" when they should be working on issue #8239?

Developer-in-a-Box understands your pain points and will circle back to your action items. Does he ever reboot? It's been a long time.

Testimonial image

“It was amazing to see him get to work right away on my issue. He didn't even need a computer!”

—Jen, Chronically.io

What he can do

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • React, Redux, Rebus
  • Very highly Agile and also Lean
  • Doesn't think Java is lame
  • Happily debugs "other people's code"
  • Knows that the hell Kubernetes is
  • Familiar with various cloud architectures
  • NoSQL, YesSQL
  • Freaky code smells
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What you get

  • Drop shipped from our facility
  • MacBook pro with stickers
  • Headphones (the big kind)
  • Hoodie, flip-flops, chinos
  • Completely unit-tested
  • 110% open source
10k /month