# Collecting Responses

Collecting responses means we'll have people matching your screening profile complete your study tasks tell you what they think.

To enable data collection on a study you've been working on, go to the last step in the process, review what you have done and press the Initialize Study button. Initializing your study will make it possible for it to receive responses.

Collecting responses in action
Using our apps for Windows, macOS, iOS or Android, people complete activities (tasks) that you specify and tell you what they think.

# Trying it out as a participant

Before your study goes out to real participants it's always a good idea to preview it yourself as a participant to see if everything works as expected. To do this, go to Manage and Launch, and then click on Get Study URL for your study. This will pop open a dialog with two URLs.

  • The first url is the url you would give to participants if you don't want to use our panel.
  • The Preview URL is the URL you and your colleagues can use to try out the study.


You're allowed to record up to three test responses before you are prompted to create a subscription.

# Editing after initializing

If you choose to edit after initializing, note that this is a destructive operation. Editing will remove any data you've collected since editing will change the design of the study. Once your study launches, editing is disabled so make sure you have everything right before you go to the next step.

# Ready set launch!

To launch your study press the Request Launch button in Manage and Launch. Launching will send your study out to participants and begin data collection. This is also where you'll be asked to pay for your study if you're on Pro plan.

You can monitor progress from the Manage and Launch page.