SoundingBox will end operations on August 1, 2021. Read the announcement. [x]

# About SoundingBox

SoundingBox provides an advanced set of tools and services to help its customers improve products and services online.

SoundingBox is dedicated to helping organizations better understand how people experience sites and apps to improve them. SoundingBox provides both a product and services centered on that product.

# Our Product

The SoundingBox Software as a Service (SAAS) platform provides our customers a method of obtaining feedback on companies, products and services online. The platform combines measurements of human opinion, cognition and emotional response with recordings of human behavior. Data is collected via our panel of participants, and is summarized and presented via the SoundingBox dashboard. To explore the dashboard simply sign up.

# Our Services

In addition to the SoundingBox data collection and analysis platform, SoundingBox also provides business consulting and business research services. For more information about our services please visit our services page.

To learn more about how SoundingBox can help you, get in touch!