AbilityLab Case Study

January 18th, 2018

The AbilityLab truly cares about enhancing human potential. How SoundingBox helped with a redesign and rebranding.

The Shirley Ryan AbilityLab is the new name of the renowned Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC), which is dedicated to none other than being the global source of breakthroughs in human ability. What this means is that they set the global standard for helping those who are coming back from the toughest injuries people can suffer including our biggest heroes, veterans and their families.

In 2017 AbilityLab reached out to us via our agency partner Code and Theory to test and refine the rollout of the brand new AbilityLab website that accompanied the rebranding of RIC.

Using SoundingBox's advanced participant targeting, we were able to put a prototype AbilityLab site in front of two tough-to-find groups: people recovering from a serious injury or family members who were helping them in their fight. In close collaboration with the incredibly talented AbilityLab team and some of the best designers in the world at Code and Theory, we took advantage of SoundingBox's ability to quickly iterate and test the prototype as they became available.

Perhaps nothing in 2017 was more gratifying to us than to get the thumbs up from the CMO at AbilityLab that our data was ready to be presented to internal stakeholders at AbilityLab—some of the most talented and tough-minded medical researchers in the world.