SoundingBox is the new way to do UX research.

The Old Way

  • Watch hours of video to figure out how the test went
  • Find the relevant parts of your test on your own
  • Comparing the results of more than one test is hard
  • Test results from qualitative, quantitative and competitive, spread all over the place

The New Way

  • See immediately how your test went with built-in interpretation
  • Jump to who had the worst (or best!) experience in one click
  • Iterate freely with built-in test comparison
  • All your research in one place

Our smart tiles show you instantly how your test went. No need to watch hours of video to get your results.

Animation of a smart tile

Clicking on a smart tile takes you right to who had the worst (or best!) experience first. Replay to go from what happened to why.

Animation of dashboard playback

Iterate freely. Compare the results of multiple tests side-by-side.

Animation of a smart tile

How We Compare

Video and audio of user tests
Test templates
Combines qual and quant
Deep participant targeting
Built-in test interpretation
Powerful iteration tools
Monthly cost $149 $2,000 $$$* $199
Participant cost $5 $15 $49 $15
* UserTesting doesn't disclose a monthly cost on its site. You have to get a quote.

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